The Ultimate Bulking Guide – Lean Muscle Mass


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“Bulking Guide” are you serious about Bulking? Then we have all your needs covered!

Gaining weight and muscle mass can be a long and sometimes not rewarding process, you will often reach a plateau in your workouts and make no progress from the later weeks in the program.

We have provided a great 16 week workout program to continue after the diet plan stops (if you want it to) with the transition diet plan you can continue this for as long as you like. one important tip after the 12 weeks just re-adjust your macros.

Whats In The Plan?

Bulking Guide is jam packed with over 120 pages from nutrition to workouts we have covered near enough every aspect: supplements, cardio, diet and much more…

You will also receive unlimited support via Email and Social just hit any one of the buttons above we are always happy to help! 

Diet Plans

The diet plan has been meticulously made with great math and science behind them to give you the best results. 

  • Start of your 12 week diet plan you will need to do a little math this will determine your bulking calories.
  • Once you have worked out your macros you will then begin to create your meal plans for the next 12-16 weeks.

Here at wolvesfitness we want you to learn with our diet plans you will do, you will never need a dietitian because you will have the knowledge from expert advice saving you ££££’s. !!!!

Workout Plan

  • There will be 16 weeks worth of workouts, why 16 weeks when the diet only lasts 12? that’s because we wanted to give you something to look forward to and strive to after the 12 weeks have finished. 
  • You will learn lots of different ways to workout, packed with normal sets to supersets and more.
  • Each exercise will have a detailed picture and description to ensure that you are performing each exercise to the best of your ability.
  • Cardio – There will be 15 min HIIT sessions to aid in that fat loss, HIIT sessions will take you outside to your local park or a place that suits you! This will stop the boredom of the gym and take you out that perfect condition that the gym provides.

Little Extra for us

  • Bulking guide will be jam packed with great nutritional advice that you can incorporate into you new healthy lifestyle.
  • Detailed supplement advice so you can choose whats best.
  • We have also now added a free smoothie pack 4 great recipes that will energize your workouts and even a power protein for those who are lacking protein for the day.
  • How to read food labels correctly, how to work out macros and a the perfect bonus workout routine.

How will it arrive and will i be protected when i buy one your guides?

Once you have finished the checkout process there will be a link “download” click that and the guide will download, if you purchase it and do not receive your guide contact us straight away and we will send you one over.

It will be produced in pdf format which will allow you to print it off and is transportable wherever you go, be it the gym, at home, working away from home etc.

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