Road to 5k and 10k




Training for a charity run? Then get Road to 5K and 10K today!!

Struggling to get the kick start to run a 5km or 10km?

This 13 week program containing a week by week guide, and will also have everything you will need to secure running a 5k race or 10k race, trust me you will be shocked at the results you see.

In this proven simple guide:

You will have 6 steps to get you ready to run a 10k race within 13 weeks,

I have also added free advice on how to deal with the dreaded “stitch” one of the worst things while your running!

You will also have a group of stretches you can perform before each run.

Checkout safely with “PAYPAL” and an SSL Protected website (look out for the Padlock)…

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