Science Behind How Yoga Can Help In Fertility

The problem of infertility is a very difficult and a..

Yoga Can Help In Fertility

Science Behind How Yoga Can Help In Fertility

The problem of infertility is a very difficult and a disappointing state that a person can be in.

People visit various doctors while getting some clarification with respect to the reason of having such a problem. And some who still have almost no idea concerning why are they not able to conceive.

There are many cases in which the males have a lower sperm count. In some other cases, the females may be suffering blockage in fallopian tubes.

However, more often than not, the most common cause of infertility is stress in the present time. Stress can manifest many terrible problems in the body.

The practice of Yoga has proven to work magically for curing anxiety and stress. But it also helps in getting rid of infertility by helping in proper alignment and adjustment of the reproductive organs and elements.

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Women who experience difficulty in getting pregnant go through extreme amounts of depression and anxiety like those of patients with HIV/AIDS, cancer and different serious diseases.

Furthermore, even ladies without fertility issues can discover attempting to have a baby as an anxious procedure accompanying an uneasiness inciting procedure.

The connection between fertility and stress is extremely intricate and not completely seen. However cortisol, the hormone which is responsible for stress, can meddle with ovulation.

Lower feelings of anxiety and having a positive state of mind and standpoint can expand the chances that fertility medications will work.

Maybe the most grounded proof that diminishing stress with the help of yoga can support fertility originates from an examination that was done by creating a fertility program.

In this program that taught yoga in an extensive manner, many women became pregnant. The women were introduced to meditation and yoga in addition to other healing techniques and the whole idea worker amazingly well.

Yoga has increasingly proved to be beneficial for the patients who have high anxiety and the fertility patients suffer from anxiety in a severe manner. Yoga helps in getting these patients in touch with their physical bodies.


The practice of yoga helps in regulation of the hormones, stress levels and the blood flow problems.

In fact, any woman who wishes to get comfortable with reproductive health can benefit immensely with the help of yoga. Stress is dangerous for anything physiological in the body.

When the physical body feels like it is out of energy. It begins to shut down the important functions and one of those important functions is that of reproduction.

At the time of yoga you work on breathing control and the art of meditation. Which lessens the anxiety and delivers positive changes in the immune system.

Also, there are real ways you can extend the body and realign it that could possibly be useful for the purpose of fertility.

Many studies reveal that women who struggle with the problem of infertility benefit immensely as a result of practicing yoga because it helps in reducing stress.

It is also accepted by the people who practice yoga that they feel better and their moods improve exponentially with yoga practice.

Scientists believe yoga poses can help

Scientists believe that some yoga poses can help the body in making a baby because they help in increasing the blood flow to the pelvis region while actually stimulating the hormone producing glands. The ways in which these poses are:

  •         Alignment of your pelvis.
  •         Opening up the hip region to align with the uterus.
  •         Stimulation of the endocrine and the overall immune system
  •         Improving blood circulation


As a result of these beneficial effects on the body, yoga also helps in reducing the effects of the hormonal treatments. When the stress level is low, the body gets a chance to recover and heal in the right manner.

Yoga for fertility improves the infertility problem for both male and female by limiting the stress. Which continuously balances the hormones of the body with progress in emotional wellness; accordingly expanding a couple’s capacity to actually conceive.

Many doctors acknowledge the benefits of yoga and its ability to help the medical treatment of fertility.

Author Bio– Devakar Sandhu is a renowned yoga practitioner with more than 10 years of experience in yoga teaching.

He holds a certification in yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India Course. He guides and suggests ways for lifestyle modification through yoga.

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