What are Supersets? What Are The Benefits of Supersets?

Intensity is the sine qua non of bodybuilding, the one..

What are Supersets? What Are The Benefits of Supersets?

Intensity is the sine qua non of bodybuilding, the one element that most rapidly and readily changes the physique.

Bottle up intensity and you control the direction of the development of the body. Intensity in training makes all the difference and recent research backs this up.

Those who trained intensely got into better shape, and did so quicker, than those who were not so intense.

One of the simplest ways to instantly boost intensity is to perform supersets. Supersets are two sets performed back to back with no rest allowed between the two.

The rest is deferred until after the second set is complete.

The supersets can be performed on the same muscle group (as in bicep barbell curls followed by incline dumbbell curls) or complimentary muscle groups (as in the bench press superset with wide grip chin ups).

The superset that is for the same muscle group is sometimes called a compound set but it works in the same way a superset does.

Supersets can be used to concentrate the muscle burn (in one muscle area) or spread it out (such as back and chest).

And there are even compression and decompression supersets.

For instance, squats and pull ups or standing press and hanging leg raises.

Supersets can be used for several exercises and can also be used in back to back sessions as long as the muscle groups are different.

Benefits of Supersets

Supersets bring a rapid pump and fast intensity. They also crank the metabolism up to an incredibly high level.

And they shorten the workout time by half. If you only have time for a short workout, superset.

Supersetting should be used in a cyclical approach as employing this style all the time will burn you out.

That is, they will burn you out if you perform the work right, as in going as hard as you can for each set.

Do not coast on that second set – push it to the wall also.

Once you learn to superset effectively you can put this powerful training tool to use whenever you want to.

The bodybuilders of Arnold’s era, such as Robby Robinson, got fantastic results from supersetting, and so can you.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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