Surviving the holidays: A guide to staying healthy

Ahh, the start of the holidays.

Bring on the snow, the craze, the joy and all of the pies. 

Wait, rewind. 

Let’s hold off on the pies for a minute until we discuss ways to actually stay healthy during the holidays.

Get excited, because you should still be able to eat your favorite holiday treats and meals without gaining weight. 

Follow my tips for surviving the holidays and you will be sure to stay on track and motivated by the New Year.

Step 1: Ditch dieting and deprivation.

Your heard it from here and your heard it from me.  No more dieting. Instead focus on eating balanced, satisfying diet.  

Although this may take time and training – just remind yourself, you can eat whatever you want, but it’s best to focus on eating nourishing foods first. 

So, if you want that piece of cake or slice of ham, go for it! However, first nourish with whole nutrient dense fruits and vegetables then treat yourself.

Repeat. Every day. First nourish, then treat. 

Step 2: Rethink your drink. 

Sure, it’s the holidays and most of us drink lots of alcoholic drinks and that is okay!  

However, when you’re not drinking your adult beverages, be sure to hydrate constantly- with water- keep a water bottle around you at all times.

Skip all sugary beverages which include juices and soda.  When drinking alcoholic beverages, limit your sugar, go for wine, champagne and liquor with seltzer and a splash of juice. 

If you want egg nog or a heavy drink, go back to Step 1, do not deprive yourself but also do not overconsume! 

Step 3: Exercise.

Do not wait until the New Year to start your resolution.  Get yourself ready now. Exercising will keep you focused and also is the best stress release. 

No, you do not need to run a marathon before Christmas dinner, aim for 30 minutes at the gym 3-5 times a week. You will feel great!

Step 4:Don’t let that negative voice in your head get the best of you.

So you ate unhealthy for one night- don’t dwell on it. 

We are human and we are humans who like to eat.  Rather than feeling guilty and dwell on it- get back in action and eat healthy the next day.

Step 5:  BYO Dish.

Bring your own side dish to a holiday party.  

What way you can eat something that you know is healthy (assuming that you are cooking a healthy dish- of course!) 

Plus you can teach your friends why your meal is healthy- it will be a hit! Try this Warm Pomegranate and Brussels Salad:

Step 6: Eat high protein snacks.

Throughout the day of your holiday party fill up on snacks like almonds, hummus or hard boiled eggs to increase satiety.  You will be less likely to eat a ton during the party/dinner.

Step 7: The most important step. 

Enjoy. Soak in all of the holiday goodness. 

Enjoy the time with your family and friends. Make sure to treat yourself and make sure you’re not stressing too much. 

It’s all about fun, right?


AUTHOR: Julie lichtman

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