• Use Hiking To Improve Your Fitness & Health

    Use Hiking To Improve Your Fitness & Health

    Hiking is a fantastic workout for burning calories and building muscles, often times you can even forget completely that you are exercising. While enjoying good company and great views. In this article you will find calories burned by weight, learn what muscles are used most during mountaineering, and even pick up a few exercises that […]

  • set fitness goals

    How To Set Fitness & Health Goals That Will Motivate You

    This is so simple and cliched that you’d think it wouldn’t need stating, but it does: Before you lift a weight or cut a calorie, you must have specific, tangible goals set in your mind as to why you’re doing it.  People with vague, unrealistic, or uninspiring health or fitness goals (or none at all) are always the first to quit. They’re easy […]

  • What Makes a Good Training Partner

    What Makes a Good Training Partner?

    Working out with a bad partner sucks. A lot. Working out with a good partner is great, however, and it’s actually a very important aspect of staying motivated and on track. Not only does having a partner hold you accountable to show up (if you skip, you’re not only letting yourself down but your partner too), but it also helps to have someone […]

  • How To Grow Taller: Some Great Ways To Grow

    Factors that Affect Height There are several factors that can affect your height either in a positive or negative way. Generally, these factors can be categorized into the following: Genetic Factors For the most part, your height is determined by genetic factors. However, if your parents are both short or of average height, it doesn’t […]

  • Water Effect: Who Knew Water Would Have This Effect For Dieters!

    Did you know that not drinking enough water might be why you’re on that dreaded weight loss plateau even though you’re maintaining your diet. Research suggests that a lot of Americans unknowingly suffer from mild, chronic dehydration, and that might be you they’re talking about! I hope you read this article because it explains and […]

  • 5 Ways To Get The Best Use Out Of Your Home Treadmill

    The #1 fear that people have when investing in a home treadmill (or any piece of exercise equipment) is that they won’t use it. You know the story. It gets delivered, you set it up and enjoy it for a few days…and then it sits…and waits. A few months down the road, you notice how […]

  • Muscle Fatigue: Dreaded Muscle Failure that “Hits” Us All

    If you’ve been working out for any amount of time, you’re probably well acquainted with fatigue. That sensation of your muscles being “done,” “cooked,” “toast”… You know, the “please have mercy before I’m permanently trapped under this weight.” or “you might just have to drag me off the track because I’ve collapsed” feeling. We typically […]

  • Learn How To Enhance Your Flexibility

    When it comes to the Big Three of exercise – cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training – it’s pretty clear which one can get overlooked. After all, while we prize cardiovascular and strength training for their role in helping us lose weight, build muscle and get fit, the benefits of flexibility training are less immediately alluring. […]

  • Health Benefits of Jogging and How To Do It

    Performing regular jogging gives better physical condition and other health benefits. Jogging also gives physical and mental pleasure. The Health Benefits Jogging on a regular basis give a distinct good effect upon the general health, provided it is not over-done. The effects are: * Jogging makes the heart stronger. It increases the capacity of the […]

  • Simple Steps To Bulging Biceps And Horseshoe Triceps

    It’s no secret that every serious lifter out there desires an impressive pair of strong, muscular arms. Who wouldn’t be happy with tall, peaking biceps sitting on top of rock-hard, horse-shoe-shaped triceps? Who wouldn’t love to have a pair of ripped, well-developed guns forcefully bursting through the sleeves of their shirt? While developing muscular arms […]