• A Fitness Routine for Six Pak Abs

    The goal of six pack abs mainly depends upon losing weight by completing exercises that focus on the muscles in the abdominal area. There are literally dozens of such exercises including many that are meant for other major muscle groups, but that can be modified to include a workout for your abdominal muscles. Here are […]

  • Hiking – a great way to exercise

    Hiking is a fantastic workout for burning calories and building muscles and often times you can even forget completely that you are technically exercising. In this article you will find calories burned by weight, learn what muscles are used most during mountaineering, and even pick up a few exercises that will help you push through […]

  • What bicep exercises will make my arms huge?

    We have customers and the general public asking what bicep exercises will make my arms huge? I have to tell them all the same thing you’re bicep only makes up 1/3 of your upper arm the triceps makes up the rest. while the bicep exercises give your arms a peak and the illusion your arms […]

  • The code of a good training partner.

    Working out with a bad partner sucks. A lot. Working out with a good partner is great, however, and it’s actually a very important aspect of staying motivated and on track. Not only does having a partner hold you accountable to show up (if you skip, you’re not only letting yourself down but your partner too), but it also helps to have someone […]