The Beginner’s Guide: To Ripped Six Pack Abs

Six Pack ABS …..

Every person nowadays needs a flamboyant six pack abs figure. Earlier, when people were not conscious about bodybuilding, only some models and Hollywood actors were conscious to build a 6 pack abs figure.

But today, you can see a gym at almost every corner of the road.

Every person today needs a six pack ABS and he or she is willing to pass any limits for getting that six pack within a short period of time.

If you are also looking for making a good physique through bodybuilding, then let me tell you, there is no short cut to success.

If you are looking to start bodybuilding, then you must consider some points in your mind before starting them.

Here, I am sharing some common tips that could help you build a six pack abs within short period of time.

Eat lots of Protein in your diet

Protein is one of the main minerals that you need during your exercising routines. Protein is helpful for muscle building and provides strength to your body while exercising.

For a good looking six pack abs, you need lots of protein in your diet. If you are a non-vegetarian, then you could get enough amount of protein from some non-vegetarian food products like eggs, pork, beef, chicken, or beans.

So eat enough amount of protein for good muscle building. If you are a vegetarian, then you could eat some natural milk protein powders like Whey protein.

Remember to choose only a natural protein and don’t just buy a low quality protein powder from any store or the internet.

You don’t need to exercise your abs daily

Exercising for the dream 6 pack are some of the most hardworking exercises for your body. You have to do lots of warming up and jogging initially; before you finally begin to do some abs exercises.

Another fact that most people forget to follow is that you don’t need abs exercises daily.

You could simply do some back and leg exercises to stimulate your abs in the beginning. Some more exercises like squats, military presses, and dead lifts can stimulate your ab muscles.

Give your abs time to rest, as they are they every other muscle your training they need rest and time to recover.

Do all exercises including abs, calves, and forearms

Many beginners make the mistake of indulging themselves only in the abs exercises.

You must remember that your abs muscles are the part of your body; connected to the other body muscles. In order to look attractive, you need to work on your calves and forearms also.

I don’t suggest any beginner to start the abs exercise for first 2-3 weeks.

If you are fat, then reduce some weight from your stomach, calves, and forearms because your abs should not look attractive if you build them while you are fat.

So concentrate on reducing some fat from your body in beginning and try some calf and forearm exercises.

Try giving weekend breaks to your body

Remember that bodybuilding is a slow and steady process and you must follow a proper training routine. Try giving weekend breaks to your body.

You could exercise for 4-5 days in a week and give a 2 day break to your body. The best way is to exercise for 2-3 days and then taking a single day break, then again follow the same routine.

This way, you could understand the stretching limitations of your body.  This is the way we train and many of you out there will.

Try jogging daily before going to the gym

Your first motivation before you begin abs exercises would be to lose as much weight as you could.

So, go for a long jogging session of around 1-3kms before you finally attend the gym. I would definitely suggest this to some beginners who need to lose a lot of weight.

If you feel quite exhausted after jogging, then have a break from your gym sessions after 3 days as explained in the earlier tip, and do jogging as much as you can on that day.

Follow this tip to lose fat and get an attractive six pack abs.

Stick to training 2-3 muscles at once

Many people claim that they are not getting results even after many months of exercising. The possible reason for this may be that they are not concentrating on particular muscle groups for their bodybuilding routine.

Remember that your abs muscles are the part of your body and you must emphasis on other muscles as much as you on abs.

For the best results, I would suggest you to choose at least 2-3 muscle groups to build before switching to next groups.

For example, you could try some shoulder press for sculpting shoulders, barbell curl for sculpting biceps, squats for quads (thighs), and much more.

Concentrate on making 6 pack abs only when you are fine with all other muscle groups, since these exercises are very hard to perform.

Take enough sleep for 7-8 hours

It doesn’t matter for what kind of exercises you are indulging yourself; you must have a proper amount of sleep for your body.

Your muscles need a proper relaxation time and so you must take at least 7-8 hours sleep. Give proper rest to your body through sleeping.

Your muscles stretch a lot when you are sleeping, so you could give a good shape to your body through proper exercising and sleeping.

Exercises for lower abs, upper abs

As I have explained earlier to emphasis on 2-3 muscles; you could begin with lower abs. Target your lower abs by raising your legs, while your upper body is stable.

You could also try hanging leg raises and mountain climber for stimulating your lower abs. Your upper abs muscles are stimulated when you keep your torso stable and push your upper body part towards it.

You could try machine crunches and rope cable crunches for the same.

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