The Bidet: A Superhero’s Origin Story

When you really think about it, humans are almost like..

The Bidet A Superhero’s Origin Story

The Bidet: A Superhero’s Origin Story

When you really think about it, humans are almost like superheroes. We’re more advanced than other species, we’ve created the world we live in today, and we’re constantly rebuilding it to make it a better place.

The health of every individual is the top priority in today’s society. From numerous fights for accessible healthcare to all the things we do in our personal life to stay healthy, this seems to be the focal point we can all relate to.

Every superhero has their origin story. There is a point in their history which changed their lives forever and brought them to greatness.

For Batman, it was the death of his parents. For Spiderman, it was the fateful bite of the spider, for us, it was the invention of the bidet.

1. Tapping into the regenerative healing factor

Every great superhero has the power of regeneration. Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable toilet paper can be? You’re basically touching the most sensitive parts of your body with sanded down wood.

It’s no wonder many people today face irritation issues and even allergic reactions.

The skin is able to regenerate itself, that’s for sure, but with constant exposure to the same problem, you’re not doing yourself any good. Switching to a bidet minimizes the need for toilet paper and lets your sensitive parts heal completely.

Those who face issues such as hemorrhoids can also look forward to some much-needed relief. The bidet is nothing to be messed with, as it kicks toilet paper to the side and lets your natural regenerative healing factor take over. 

2. Fine-tuning Ecological empathy

This superpower is described as the ability to sense the overall well-being and conditions of the environment, stemming from psychic sensitivity to nature.

If you look at the world today and the issues which face our beautiful Mother Earth, it seems human ecological empathy can stand to be improved.

With the increased usage of the bidet, we’re fine-tuning this superpower and making the world a better place. Using a bidet instead of toilet paper means you’re significantly lowering the need for toilet paper.

In other words, you’re saving trees and forests. The more people use the bidet, the more of Earth we can restore. The strength of ecological empathy lies in numbers, and it’s our responsibility to raise them.

The bidet is only here to inspire us and remind us what we’re fighting for.

3. The gift of super-strength to women

Biologically, women are the physically weaker gender. Yet, they are stronger in so many other ways. The best example of this is that women have to put up with monthly bleeding for most of their lives. Even though we can’t play with biology, we can do everything in our power to nurture the mental strength women have through various means.

We tend to be the most mentally strong when our health is taken care of. Thus, with the bidet, women got the gift of super-strength.

Simply put, the bidet is very useful for that time of the month. It cleans the delicate lady parts more thoroughly and effectively than toilet paper, while also being easy to use and convenient.

You don’t have to hop in the shower every time, but you still get to feel squeaky clean. Numerous bidet toilet seat reviews online will tell you endless tails of the comfort of the bidet. Sit down, relax, and let it take care of you when you’re at your most vulnerable.

Periods are no match for the mighty bidet, and knowing this helps you stay mentally strong and face every daily challenge head-on. When there’s no feeling of stickiness and uncleanness, your confidence and determination get to shine through.

4. Making home structures invulnerable

As well as taking care of our health and the health of the world, the bidet helps us make our homes invulnerable. The number one thing we need to preserve in our home structure are the pipes which constantly undergo damage due to toilet paper.

No matter how high-quality the brand of toilet paper you’re buying is, we can all agree that it gets stuck or hurts the pipes at some point in time. By using a bidet, you’re making sure the pipes stay invulnerable and don’t need repair and attention for years to come.


There are lots of historical events that we consider to be turning points in human civilization and society. One of the most important ones has to be the moment in the 17th century when we realized how we can better take care of our health.

The birth of the bidet is also the birth of self-care, awareness, and the health-ordinated civilization we live in today.

Our origin story as superheroes and protectors of health may not be as glamorous as Marvel’s, but it’s much more grave and important.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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