The Five Biggest Myths About Metabolism

Metabolism refers to the procedure through which human bodies convert..

The Five Biggest Myths About Metabolism

The Five Biggest Myths About Metabolism

Metabolism refers to the procedure through which human bodies convert fat into energy; the kind of stuff that pumps up everything in you starting from hair growth to oxygen intake.

The more effectively you burn down those mass calories, the less fat is stored in you without actually controlling your food intake or working out (for all the lazy people in particular). How nice does it sound? Very.

NEWSFLASH: The means for elevating metabolism is covered in fallacy! Learn about the five famous, so-called metabolism ‘facts’ which are nothing more than myths as we shed light on how it really goes down.

Myth #1: Skipping breakfast is a felony

  • Actuality: If you’re running late, no worries, you won’t die!


Many individuals believe that the metabolism rate doesn’t kick off unless and until we have breakfast. Well, guess what, many researchers (qualified individuals who have conducted factual studies) have discovered that breakfast does not trigger metabolism and may not, opposing popular belief, be the most important snack of the day.

New findings state that individuals who indulge in a healthy breakfast lose no more than those who skip it. Not only this, recent findings also state that having breakfast has no impact on metabolism.

Healthy eating is always welcome. However, if the choice is between a Nutella sandwich or nothing at all, better to opt for the latter. Learn how to slow down your metabolism.

Myth #2: Steamy workouts help you shed weight quickly

  • Actuality: Cooler temperatures work better


We love to believe that our sweat is in reality our fat burning. Especially when we’re turning up excessive temperatures in the steam room or through hot yoga!

Contradicting our everyday beliefs, a new research in the journal Diabetes says that a cooler temperature is the best for weight loss.

The air conditioner plays a very important role in this; why? Because just by turning it on, all the brown fat stored in your body will subtly transform. Brown fat is basically the so-called ‘good’ fat that is triggered through cooler temperatures. It helps us in staying warm by burning into the places where all the ‘bad’ fat is stored.

Myth #3: Midnight munchies make you fat

  • Actuality: They couldn’t care less!


It is simpler to think that our bodies have a biological clock set at 12am. No, it really doesn’t. Your body is unaware of the time at which you eat and that does not aid in fat building. There are factors which include stress levels, hormones, the kind of food you consume that leads to fat pumping up.

So to break the truth to you, it is not the hour at which you eat, its more about what and how you eat. Focus more on what you’re eating (whether or not its healthy or is it plain junk) and how much you have consumed because these things determine the fat level. Its your body, own it!

Myth #4: Small portions of food multiple times during the day will increase the metabolism rate

  • Actuality: Three meals a day can also keep you from becoming a potato!


This may work for weight lifting body builders, the buff men, but for a normal individual? We don’t think so. Taking into account the study conducted by the Hepatology journal; they put two groups of men on diets to gain weight.

One of the groups had the same amount of food spread out in small meals like snacks while the other group had it in three regular meals.

After the observation was over, researchers discovered how the dangerous, heart disease prone belly fat was found excessively in the men following the small meals at many intervals approach.

Myth #5: Caffeine (energy drinks in particular) fastens up your metabolism

  • Actuality: The sweet sweet sugar pumps up your tummy fat


Yes, caffeine is the mother of all energy. The adrenaline rush is too real if you have a caffeine infused energy drink before working out but have you ever thought about all the calories it entails?

An average energy drink is 1/4th sugar; all these calories come into your body at once and stay: stored as fat. The real deal for losing calories is water. Lots and lots of water!


Building on metabolism is one thing; getting carried away with word of mouth is another! You want to lose weight? Do it the right way.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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