The Five Gym Machines That Will Actually Help You Lose Weight

It can be quite difficult to lose weight. It’s hard..

The Five Gym Machines That Will Actually Help You Lose Weight

The Five Gym Machines That Will Actually Help You Lose Weight

It can be quite difficult to lose weight. It’s hard enough to cut down on tasty yet unhealthy food. But even a healthy diet may not be enough if you are looking to shed a significant amount of weight.

Most people find that gaining a balance between eating healthy and diligently working out is the answer to their weight issues.

There are a variety of activities to choose from when working out – some people prefer simpler options like jogging and running.

Others enjoy the overall movement and actions in aerobic exercises and dancing, and there are people who would rather lift weights and turn their fat into muscle.

While all of these are valid choices, it can be quite overwhelming for a beginner to look through all the options in choosing a weight-loss activity that works.

If you are planning to hit the gym to lose a few pounds, here are some of the more effective machines that can help you attain your fitness goals.


The treadmill is a fixture in most gyms, and with good reason – they are very easy to use yet very effective as long as you put in the effort.

It’s basically walking in place, which in itself is great for blood circulation and improved cardiac health, without the perils of the outside world.

You get to walk as long as you want without having to worry about the dirt, the nearby vehicles. The people around you, or even the heat or cold that you normally go through when you take a walk outside.

The treadmill lets you afford all the advantages of walking in the comfort of a safe environment.

If ever you feel that you’ve maximized the benefits of walking, the treadmill can also help you take your workout to the next level.

The speed can be adjusted to your preference, so you can go from brisk walking to a full run in a matter of minutes.

You can also use your hands to do something else if you’re looking for the extra mile – some people lift light dumbbells as they jog for a full-body workout.

Stationary Bike

The stationary bike is another constant that you see in gyms. Much like the treadmill, the stationary bike allows the user to get the advantages of cycling without the hazards on the actual road.

Although cycling gives your body similar training as walking, it puts less stress on your legs and body, making it better-suited for more intense workout sessions.

A daily spin on the bike for at least thirty minutes per day should be enough to show significant toning on your body as well as marked weight loss.

While you can use the stationary bike on your own, you can try joining cycling classes at the gym wherein you will ride with a group of people under a trainer’s guidance.

The blaring music from the room speakers, the rhythm of the exercise program and the feeling of unity from the class should help you keep up the pace. Keep you from feeling tired and more comfortably finish the session.

Stair Machines

Stair machines are highly recommended for people who often experience a shortness in breath when going up the stairs or climbing high places.

The stair machine gives the body a vertical challenge, allowing the user to test his/her weight and energy against the pull of gravity.

You don’t need to beat yourself upon the stair machine for long, fifteen minutes of exercising with it is enough to burn a decent amount of calories equal to a moderate workout.

Don’t underestimate the exercise’s toll on your body, though – if you have a foot or knee issues, try to go for shorter sessions and don’t overexert yourself, as the repeated weight-bearing from the machine can cause serious damage.


The elliptical is a great machine for weight loss, as it will use a lot of muscles in your body with relatively easy movements.

It acts like a combination of the treadmill and the stationary bike, as it exercises your legs as you take steps while also giving due support to your knees, hips and even your back.

The machine also strengthens the upper body by making your arms go through the same motion as your legs, exercising your entire body with every step.

Thirty minutes of exercise on the elliptical will surely help you lose a lot of weight if made into a habit.

Rowing Machine

Although not as common as other gym equipment, the rowing machine can be found in several gyms and is very effective in burning calories.

Even if you only use the machine for ten minutes, you will feel the intensity of a thirty-minute workout because it utilizes a big motion range using the core muscle groups of your body, both upper and lower strength.

Imagine rowing an actual boat with your weight on it, and multiply it by two – that’s the pressure the machine strains on your body during the exercise.

So before you use this machine, make sure that there’s a trainer nearby to guide you correctly through the exercises – any mistake in form or execution can lead to an injury.

If any or all of the equipment listed above does not work for you, remember that everyone has a unique journey to fitness, and what works for others might not work for you.

Don’t be discouraged, as there are a lot of other options at the gym that you might be more comfortable with and help you get better results.

It definitely wouldn’t hurt to have professionals help you through the grind but if that’s not your thing, check out this helpful guide from Rec Xpress on the best gym exercises that can help you lose weight.

When you sign up for a gym membership, it’s important that you come prepared if you want to get the most out of it.

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