The Shape of True Health: Work Your Body, Refresh Your Mind, Rejuvenate Yourself

True health is determined by our inner and outer well-being...

The Shape of True Health Work Your Body, Refresh Your Mind, Rejuvenate Yourself

The Shape of True Health: Work Your Body, Refresh Your Mind, Rejuvenate Yourself

True health is determined by our inner and outer well-being. In order to be healthy and happy, we must achieve physical fitness and peace of mind too.

We must have a balanced diet, exercise regularly and find time to relax and recharge and only then our lifestyle will feel complete.

The best way to work your body, refresh your mind and rejuvenate yourself is to connect physical activity with some things that bring you inner peace.

For some people, the perfect combination of the two is achieved through surfing, pilates, yoga, hiking, the gym and many others.

1.  Embracing the ocean

Surfing is quite a challenging sport and it demands mastering certain skills. Once you master them and hit the waves, you become one with the ocean.

It’s a unique experience having benefits both on our physical but also mental health while simultaneously having rejuvenating effects on people practising it.

Some of the physical benefits include strengthening the core, back and heart. While some mental benefits include relieving stress and depression and boosting mood.

There are many surf spots which offer surfing lessons while at the same time introducing ocean safety and providing surfboards and wet suits.

This sport is an ideal combo to make a powerful link between a demanding physical activity and the calming state of mind while enjoying the tranquility of the ocean.

Everything is a part of the experience, the waves, the smells and the sounds of the ocean, the horizon, the wind, our surfboard…

2.  Uber beneficial yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice encompassing physical, mental and spiritual exercises.

Having been around for such a long time implies its usefulness for both our body and mind. Its benefits are widespread and include increasing strength and balance. Improving cardiovascular function and creating a flexible body as far as physical benefits are concerned.

Yoga also covers a number of mental benefits which affect our diet, self-esteem and general well-being. It can be practiced individually or in a group and the effects are nevertheless the same.

Yoga as a combo of meditation and exercises that train our breathing and enhance the balance between our body and mind.

The biggest fitness trends include aerial yoga, power yoga, Anusara yoga, prenatal yoga and many others. Find the one that’s right for your and start your journey to healthy and content life.

3.  All mighty pilates

Pilates is a somewhat newer discipline when compared to yoga, but it has been around for one century.

Its primary goal is to achieve better posture, health and overall fitness and it uses gravity, breath and spring resistance to affect specific muscles. Which in turn work on rebalancing the muscular and structural systems in our body.

Pilates uses classic principles of breathing and concentration, centering, control, precision. And flow in order to strengthen and tone the body while at the same time raising awareness and trust in our body and its abilities.

Pilates practise offers a myriad of benefits concerning the body-mind correlation. There are two basic types of pilates: general exercises pilates and clinic or healing pilates.

Many pilates studios nowadays offer both types of pilates as well as some substypes of both.

One such example is pilates studio Pilates Can, which offers matwork and equipment pilates as well as healing pilates. What are some benefits of general and healing pilates?

Matwork and equipment pilates

These two types fall into the category of general pilates exercises and they are intended for healthy people. Matwork pilates is a workout that includes the whole body while focusing on core strength and mobility.

On the other hand, equipment pilates includes working with equipment and it works on improving your ability to move effectively with strength and confidence.

Healing pilates

Healing pilates is intended for people who have suffered different injuries or chronic conditions. Experts will personalize your pilates exercise rehabilitation program.

It helps you achieve the best physical and mental condition possible. To achieve the best results, pilates is often used in combination with physiotherapy.

Numerous health benefits include better general health, improvement of body stability. Preparation for giving birth, strengthening your pelvic floor, posture correction and many others.

4.  Bonding with nature

One of the best ways to bond with nature is definitely hiking.

Various studies have shown that hiking acts as a stress-reliever. When hiking, people are engaged in much needed physical activity while breathing fresh and clean air and enjoying the silence interwoven with the sounds of nature.

Perfect for clearing and refreshing your mind! It doesn’t require any special skills nor equipment and it has many health benefits.

Some of the benefits include cardiovascular health and decrease in the risk of stroke.

You can choose your trail in the mountains leading to breathtaking views and waterfalls or along the coast and enjoy the calming effects of water.

5.  Classic gym time

For some people, spending time intended for relaxation at the local gym is exactly what they consider as the place for working their bodies and achieving a calm state of mind.

There is some driving force present at the gym when observing all those people exercising. The sole glimpse at them makes you go and it boosts your confidence.

It’s absolutely inspiring. However, there are some modified versions of the classic gyms which may be the new way of achieving the body-mind harmony.

Namely, some gyms offer working space on the open air or an outdoor patio with stunning views overlooking an ocean, a forest or mountain tops.

These options bring the gym experience to a completely new level. Imagine doing everything you do at the gym. Only in fresh air and light summer breeze while watching the sun go down behind the mountain tops far in the horizon.

Maybe this is the most perfect way to stay in physical shape, to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your spirit.

No matter the type of physical activity you choose. They will all have the same effect: endorphins created through the process of working out will boost your mood and the sense of well-being.

There are so many ways to achieve that perfect balance between our body. Soul and mind so you just need to find the right one.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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