Tips to help stop food cravings

One of the hardest parts of losing weight is learning..

Tips to help stop food cravings

One of the hardest parts of losing weight is learning how to stop food cravings. Exercise comes easy for most people, it’s the dieting that’s hard.

Your diet is responsible for about between 70-80% of your success. You can work out until you’re blue in the face, but if your diet isn’t set out right, your dream 6 pack will always seem out of your reach. 

Your mind is very powerful tool, and it can easily cravingsconvince you to derail your diet.

Changing your lifestyle is a true example of how you need to take control of your mind and body to be successful and that is what we aim to do here at wolvesfitness.

If you let your mind control you, you will never reach your goals.

Have you ever wondered why your addicted to some foods?

Here are some ways you can overcome food addictions, in these tips i will be showing you how you can take back control over foods and stop the cravings you get on a daily basis.

Eat Fiber

High fiber foods are low in calories, but keep you feeling full longer. Eat a diet rich in fiber to control cravings and late night hunger.

Soluble fiber stabilizes blood sugar levels so that you don’t wind up craving sugary treats at night, and insoluble fiber fills your stomach to reduce hunger pains.

Eat a fiber rich evening meal that contains plenty of non starchy vegetables, and drink plenty of water throughout the day as well.

The higher your growth hormone levels the better. This is imperative in keeping your insulin hormone low so that fat can be released.

Remember, when insulin is low, growth hormone (a powerful fat burning hormone) is released.

Get In Enough Nutrients

You have to make sure you are getting in all the necessary nutrients if you want to stop cravings. 

You could eat all the foods/calories you want, but if you aren’t getting in enough of the proper nutrients, your body is going to continue to send you hunger signals until it gets what it needs.

Make sure you are getting in enough essential fatty acids (EFAs). These cannot be manufactured by the body, so it’s necessary to get these through your diet.

If you don’t eat enough of them, your body will tell you to keep eating until you do. And believe me, your body will win every time.

The same goes for vitamins and minerals. Focus on eating a nutrient dense diet filled with plenty of meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains.

These foods are packed with vital nutrients, and will keep the hunger signals at bay.

Drink Water

Water is a great way to trick the brain into thinking you ate. When a food craving arises reach for an ice cold glass of water.

The cold will stimulate your metabolism to warm the water to body temperature and in turn help burn calories as well as give you a nice energy boost.

Adding fruit wedges, such as lemon, lime or orange can also help satiate the craving for something with taste. 

However, many times just having a glass of water will make the hunger pains go away. If you are feeling the need to eat, but it’s not time for your next meal, try drinking a glass of water first. You might be surprised how much that helps.

Eat More Calories

Not eating enough calories is probably one of the top reasons why diets fail. Eating too few calories is a sure way to make your brain tell your body to find food.

Your body’s objective is to survive and maintain all the necessary bodily functions. It can’t do this when it isn’t getting enough energy (food) to fuel these functions. Make sure you are eating enough.

Rarely do you ever need to go below 1500 calories in one day. Bad things start to happen when you do.

You either start losing a higher percentage of muscle compared to fat, or you fall off your diet altogether. Progress tends to stall, and then you find yourself asking that infamous question – why am I not losing weight?

Have a Cheat Meal

Did you know you can still eat what you want and be successful?

The key is to plan your nutrition out in advance especially the “bad” food. Cheat meals are a great way to support the mental part of your journey.

Having a cheat meal once in a while can be used as a source of motivation to eat healthy the rest of the time.

When you know that there isn’t absolute restriction in your nutrition, you are usually more willing to stay on track with it the rest of the time.

One week is usually a nice time period that most people can make it through, and having a controlled cheat meal on the weekend helps you to enjoy life a little more –  especially in those difficult social situations.

Be careful though – messing up your cheat meal can set your progress way back.

So there you have it. Remember, losing weight is a mental challenge, not just a physical one. Take control of your mind, and the weight loss will follow.

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