My Top 5 Pull Up Variations For a BIGGER BACK

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My Top 5 Pull Up Variations For a BIGGER BACK

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This is my top 5 pull up variations, i use these everyday i hit up the gym for back day or an upper body day. Please take these on-board and try these in you’re routine today. 

Top 5 Pull-up Variations:

1. Medium Grip Pull Up

The medium grip pull-up is performed just like a regular pull-up, but is done with a grip that is about shoulder width. Make sure that when you are performing the exercise, you think about start the movement by retracting your scapula, then pulling the elbows as far back as possible.

You also want to arch your upper back hard and try to touch your chest between your collar bones and the nipple line.

2. Chin up

Your most basic chin-up is the supinated chin-up. This type of chin-up have the greatest range of movements from all chin-ups for both the lats and upper arms.

The starting position begins with a bar grasp in a supinated or palms up position. The hands should be held at shoulder width or slightly narrower. The arms should be straightened in a fully extended position with the torso in line with the upper arms.

To begin the ascent, the relatively strong upper back and elbow flexor muscles will be used, as the elbows are drawn down and back.

3. Wide Grip Pull ups

Wide grip pull ups emphasize development of the entire latissimus dorsi (lat muscle) and help you develop more of a V shape to your back.

The wider your grip, the more it emphasizes the outer portion of the lat muscle. The closer you put your hands together, the easier the exercise becomes.

4 and 5. Parallel Bar Pull Up

The standard pull up uses a pronated grip with your palms facing forward. With a Parallel Bar Pull Up, your hands are facing each other in what’s called a neutral grip.

There is more emphasis on your biceps, brachialis, and brachioradialis.

That’s my top 5 pull up variations please take these into the gym and try them, share this with your friends and family

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