What bicep exercises will make my arms huge?

We have customers and the general public asking what bicep..

What bicep exercises will make my arms huge?

We have customers and the general public asking what bicep exercises will make my arms huge?

I have to tell them all the same thing you’re bicep only makes up 1/3 of your upper arm the triceps makes up the rest. while the bicep exercises give your arms a peak and the illusion your arms are bigger, ultimately the tricep is the main part you will need to exercise.

To get thicker biceps i would suggest compound/isolation exercises:

  • Pull ups
  • Standing Barbell Curls
  • Biceps curls
# Pull-ups

While doing pull-ups the back is mainly engaged the biceps play a big part in this exercise tho being worked a lot, if your doing a pull up make sure your palms face you and squeeze at the top.

# Standing barbell curls

This is my favorite one of the bicep exercise you can vary it so much and with the bar already weighing a massive 45lbs there’s no need to add much weight to the bar. Just make sure you use correct form we don’t want you guys injuring your self.

Depending on which way hold the bar depends which part of the bicep is engaged!

Whats you’re favorite way to hold the barbell?

# Bicep curls

For me this is so important but is a close second to the barbell curl, you can vary this exercise so much but always squeeze at the top to get a great peak on you’re biceps, this is one great isolation exercise makes you feel like it really focuses on the bicep.

Whats your favourite bicep exercise?

Just remember don’t over train your biceps because nearly all of the upper body exercises your biceps will be engaged, so when your thinking of bicep day do about 3 sets of 6-8 reps and only do about 3 exercises.

This will stop over training!

When we train with Arm Annihilation it has 3 bicep and 3 tricep workouts in one guide, we never do the same 3 exercises we vary it up between 3 different ones we have created.

For me this allows us to get the best-out of our arm workout week in week out. With a bonus workout for the neglected forearm.

As you can see for yourself if you purchase arm annihilation, you will have bigger arms with in weeks!

Bring on the Challenge of Arm Annihilation!!

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