Side effects of whey

If muscle growth is your goal, a study done on rats showed that exercise, when supplemented with whey protein.

Resulted in higher weight and muscle gain when compared to exercise without whey protein supplementation. This can be seen as negative or positive depending upon your goals.

Whey protein has also been linked to stomach discomfort including bloating.

You can pair whey protein with a digestive enzyme. Which will assist in breaking it down further so that your body is better able to digest and absorb the necessary nutrients and naturally occurring amino acids.

Which may help reduce bloating.

It’s important to remember, regardless of supplementing with whey or another form of protein. That unless you are lacking in protein in your diet or are recovering from a workout and need a quick source of protein, the supplement may not have benefits.

When choosing a whey protein, look for products made with organic, grass-fed whey. Think about it: Whey comes from milk. So just like you’d choose milk from happy, healthy cows, you want your whey to come from a quality source.